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EzineSeeker.com"My Mother died", said my very regular client to me the other day. Her Mother had been sick and was quite elderly. We knew it was coming. However, my client, who I shall call Donna, was not prepared. It still took her by complete surprise. It also made Donna realize who was really there for her as a friend in her life and who was not. Someone she thought she could really count on let her down, in a big way. He did not call. He did not show. He did not send flowers. She has been romantically involved with this man for the past 16 years and he did not show up for her in any way. That did not go unnoticed by Donna. So not only is she grieving the loss of her Mother, but she is also grieving the loss of this relationship. She of course asked me for one of my psychic medium readings. Her Mother, of course, sent the message that she is fine, happy, whole, not in pain, back in Spirit form and quite fabulous actually! She also told Donna to live and love and not waste time on people who were not on the same path that Donna is walking. She referred directly to Mr. No Show. Nothing but LOVE comes back from the Otherside when our loved ones reach out. Donna's Mother was so full of love for Donna and wants her to have love, be loved, feel love and choose real love. It helped Donna a whole lot to know that her Mother is doing well. Of course death is never easy but it sure does help to know everything is okay on that end of things.

I got to thinking after Donna left about when my Mother died. I was fifteen. She was my adoptive Mother but she was the only Mother I had remembered. She took care of me when I was sick. She nursed my wounds, which were VERY frequent because I was then, and still am, quite the tomboy. She washed my clothes and cooked my food. The one day she wasn't there any more. She had cancer. We knew she was going to die and quite frankly, at that point was a blessing. Donna felt the same way about her Mother as well. It did not make it easier for Donna. She was just glad, like I was, that our Mother's could stop suffering. When my Mother died, everything in our family changed forever. Things were never the same again. I was younger. Donna is older and her life has changed dramatically as well. Things will never be the same in her life either. Everything is different now.

When someone dies, especially someone close to us like our Mother or our Father, we do that "mortality check" thing. We start looking to fill up our lives with all the things we think we need before we die too. Why do we wait for someone to die to live life that way? Why not make a pact amongst ourselves right now to live tomorrow like it's our last day. Are you holding on to a love that is not serving you? Maybe it is time to re-evaluate that as well. So for tomorrow, lets smile at everyone, talk nicely to everyone, call someone and forgive them even though we do not want to, give up our parking space to someone else, hold a door open for someone, look up instead of down, etc. I could go on and on with the list of things we can do tomorrow. I am almost to the age where my Mother died. I feel young and vibrant and grateful that I feel that way! I choose to live tomorrow with as much gusto and vigor as I can. I am going to squeeze every last bit out of the day. Would you care to join me?


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A Psychic Speaks - My Mother Died

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A Psychic Speaks - My Mother Died

This article was published on 2011/04/25