Children to Mothers on Mother's Day - A Mother Like No Other

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It is safe to say that just about every child in the world thinks they have a Mother like no other. This is a normal attitude to have. Our Moms are that important in our lives. It is for this reason that we celebrate Mothers Day.

After all, they carry us around for nine months and then go through immeasurable pain to give us birth. Then the real fun begins. These women are then given the added responsibilities of being Teachers, Doctors and eventually Relationship Counselors. They are bound to the Moms code of ethics. Oh yes, they will love their children above life itself. It is a built in emotion that never becomes tarnished by time. She will not relinquish her concern for her children are legendary. They are programmed to protect and love their children for all eternity. They are destined to become Heroes like no others.

These women are there to mold us into the citizens of tomorrow. They must instill in us the values that will one day sustain us. This is not an easy task. It takes a special heart and soul to overcome the pressures of the world and still accomplish their mission. However, it does not end with the teaching of right and wrong. They must also mend every ache and pain, coughs and fever. They must one day mend the pain of broken hearts as well. Thus we know that a Mothers job is never really done.

As we grow we learn to appreciate the sacrifices that our Moms have made. Mothers Day takes on a whole new meaning. Although it should not be put off until one day a year, the opportunity to show appreciation for your Mother on Mothers Day is critical. This is a very special holiday and it is a well-deserved tribute to these special ladies everywhere. All Mommies around the world should be saluted for a job well done. Perhaps it is not said enough, those four little words, I Love You Mom. We may know this in our hearts but it is essential that we communicate it to our female parent on their special day and everyday throughout the year. This is not too much to ask for a Mother Like No Other.

Bonds between Mothers and their Children on Mothers Day are special and forever held close and dear to the heart and soul. Poetry has a way of celebrating those emotional bonds of love.

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Children to Mothers on Mother's Day - A Mother Like No Other

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This article was published on 2010/04/03