My Mother!

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My mother is......
My strength when I am weak
My voice when I cannot speak
My eyes when I cannot see
And carries me when I cannot walk
My finance when I have none

Many people have walked out of my life
But my mother has always been there
To count on through thick and thin
Bears my troubles when I am in trouble
Bears my pain when I am in pain

And you ask who my mother is?
My mother is an ocean of knowledge
A current of wisdom
A person of tremendous depth and experience
She is my teacher, I am her student
She teaches me to survive the elements
She teaches me not to panic but rely on my buoyancy

When I am in an ocean
She is an aquatic expert directing me to shore
I am no longer drowning
Because she is ahead directing me
I hear her voice in the whisper of winds
And she is echoing me to hold onto my inner abilities
To reach my destiny and the distant shore

She teaches me not to struggle in the ocean
But to go with the flow of the current in the water
I now see ripples in the water
They are ripples of hope
I am unable to see the shores
But one day I will be able to touch the shores
In time, I will feel the sand beneath my feet
I will reach my destiny
I will be a sea shell on the beach
Mom, my gratitude is as immense as the sand and deep as the sea
Thank you for helping me to survive the elements of time

My mother is a star
A ball of gas held together by its own gravity
She glows through rain or dark
She lightens my path and enlightens my mind
She directs me when I am lost
When she is angry, she's blue
When she is sad, she's red
Like the North Star that remains static
Our friendship will stand till the end of time
No one and nothing in life will ever come between us

My mother is a survivor
She works through rain, shine or snow
Thanks for being a provider
And giving me the last meal on your plate
For the days we went without food
For the days we were clothe less
You always carry us through
Walking for miles to find food on dangerous grounds
Walking for days, it will never be forgotten
Putting your safety at risk
Just being there when you were needed is incredible
Though there are other mothers out there
In the million, you're the one I will choose to be my mother!

My mother is a gardener
She tills the soil, plants the seed,
Cultivates, and cares for different flowers her effort produce
She helped my seed deeply embedded and stifled in the ground
Break through the earth and blossom
She has taught me patience, understanding, and tolerance
Because of her hard work and toil, I broke through obstacles and barriers that were in front of me
My mother helps me see the similarities and differences in the types of flowers, and plant life that surrounds me
She helps me weed out anything detrimental to my growth and development
Like a plant, she helped me come into my own
And recognize the uniqueness of who I am
It has been a difficult task for both of us
Her the gardener, and me the plant
With each of our undeniable uniqueness, effort and care
We are bringing forth new life and richness
I choose to be a parietal, one that each year is reborn and grows back more beautifully than previous years
I am aware of the beauty the gardener hold in my life
Because she has worked hard to maintain this plant
I recognized I am a part of a beautiful botanic garden
I am now deeply rooted and committed in self preservation
I appreciate all this gardener helped me develop by facing the challenges yearly
Through her work, I hope to be a gardener myself

My mother is love
Cherish and hopeful
Through her faith I learn to be strong
I love you mom, more than you will ever know
You stood up for me when everyone was downing me
Never doubting that I will have a place in society
Though sometimes I felt you did not understand
You came through and show me your true color
You showed, you were not the enemy
You are a true friend that cannot be found anywhere else in the world
You are priceless
For me, though men are infallible, you are perfect like a dream come true
You are the queen of my life
I hate those times I was angry with you
I hate the time I did not listen
I also hate the times you were never appreciated for all your hard and excellent work
If I could turn back the hands of time, I will take them back
I hate the times I never said thank you
I hate the times that I never said I love you
But today, I confess my love for you
I love you so much that I cannot live without you
Just so you know, I will love you till death

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My Mother!

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This article was published on 2010/04/01