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This Mother's Day I decided it was time to write something for and about my Mother. My Mother, in my opinion was a mean woman. In her defense, it was a family trait. Meanness ran in the family. That's the way they showed love.

I didn't realize that until later in my life. When I came to that realization, I couldn't do enough for my Mother. 

My Mother raised ten children, eight daughters and two sons. That woman really was a saint. As I tell people we didn't have a lot but we didn't know it. We had a lot of love, plenty to eat and each other to play with.

My Mother was the chief punisher. My Mother did not work until after most of her children were grown. She then became an Avon Lady. A good Avon Lady too. She won eight Ms. Albee porcelain dolls and left one to each of her daughter. Because she was home, she would take care of the matter immediately and when my Father came home it was his turn.

My Mother had the patience of Job, and as I look back I don't really understand how she did it, she just did. My Mother was a church going woman so we became church going children. I grew up in the Church. 

So before I go any further, Happy Mother's Day, Mom and hug Jesus for me.

As we look back on the Mothers in our history we can learn a lot. How about Mary, Mother of Jesus. What an awesome honor. Can you imagine how she felt? She was chosen by God.

The Mother of Moses, a stuttering person, raised by Pharaohs' daughter but was chosen by God to set the captives free.

Malcolm X's Mother. What did she think of her son in his pursuits?

Ishmael the father of Islam. Hagar didn't have a clue when he was conceived. She was just glad that he didn't die in the desert.

Barack Obama's mother was proud of him as was his grandmother.

Some Mother's Day stats just for information;

• In the United States, there are about 82.5 million mothers. (source: US Census Bureau)
• About 96% of American consumers take part in some way in Mother's Day (source: Hallmark)
• Mother's Day is widely reported as the peak day of the year for long distance telephone calls
• My opinion, more people go to church on Mother's Day with their mothers.  A good thing.
• Mother's Day is the busiest day of the year for many restaurants
• Retailers report that Mother's Day is the second highest gift-giving holiday in the United States (Christmas is the highest).

I have read and talked to women and men who don't visit or talk to their mothers. How is that possible? There is nothing in the world that would keep me from my mother(If she were alive). I could not stay angry with her or cut her out of my life. She is the reason that I exist.

Mothers are humans and they can make mistake. We are human and must always forgive.

My Mother used to tell me that I would have a child just like me. I did. - Clifton

I miss my Mother but I know that she is no longer sick and is in a better place. So if you haven't talk to your mother lately, call her on Mother's Day. No matter what, call her. She must have taught you something. Thank her for it.

In closing, Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the world and may you enjoy many more. Enjoy your day and remember it is because of Mother's that the world continues own.

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Ode to My Mother

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This article was published on 2010/04/03