The Awakening Soul Meets Everything

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We see our Souls' reflection in the universe.

In ancient times, humans had an affinity, a deep personal relationship with this planet, our mother. For forty thousand years, they were connected to her, gaining strength, guidance and nourishment. These ancient people respected the ground they walked on. Their bare feet earthed their souls and identity back into the soil. This kept them consciously aware and in the present. Being 'earthed' allowed them the live and communicate on multidimensional levels ; the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and even causal.

Yes, to those highly evolved Souls they even had the knowledge of controlling the elements. They gave the elements names. They entered into a cooperative relationship with them. A gift now lost since we have become industrialized, unearthed and disconnected from this planet. We can rip and dig into her flesh and destroy her integrity without any sense of loss, pain or guilt!

These ancient populations had names for everything. They named the: wind, the spirits, landmarks, changes in seasons, relationships with themselves, mother earth and the spirit world. Different tribes had different names for the same phenomenon. Their highly evolved cultural and spiritual communication with mother earth has been largely lost in recent years.

These ancient tribes survived on so little resources because they cooperated with nature. Now, mother earth begins to warn us that she is ill. We are beginning to listen to her. They had ways of expressing themselves in terms of: mother earth, their personalized universe, their collective consciousness and their Creator. We can learn from them to save this planet. In our attempt to save mother earth, we discover how to save ourselves.

The Gift.

Modern humans have become consuming spectators. The changing vibrations coming from deep in the cosmos are stirring in our nerves. The Inner Sun responds to the planetary alignments. We are realigning ourselves and becoming more Aware Humans. We are responding to a higher vibrational surge. It's purpose is to en-lighten us, to shed light on how to reconnect with our selves, our planet and our destiny on it.

We are encouraged to follow our 'own tune' rather than blindly accepting others. We are urged to look for a more personalized experience. Life on his planet, this forever unfolding journey, this never ending experience is a GIFT. The GIFT is that we are continually invited to rediscover and rejoin Ourselves with the Creator. The Small Perfection that we are, yearns to be reunited with that Great Perfection, THE ONENESS.

To completely blend and suffer separation no longer. Every time we are reborn: in each moment, each sunrise, each new birth, each spiritual promotion, we are allowed to live and express that GIFT in a very REAL personal way. At first, the Soul begins its journey very Self centered. The Soul questions 'who am I ?', 'what am I ?'. After countless reincarnations, the Souls evolutionary focus changes. We begin to see things that we were not aware of before. We begin to see others on their journey too. We change our focus. Further on, the Souls' evolution learns the focus on our final stage. Our final stage is to rediscover in a real personal sense, where we came from?.

Being Authentic.

There is literally no one like us. We are a unique 'splintered ray of energy' from the Creator. We continually find and loose ourselves. Sometimes, we are so intent on looking at others and take our identity from others. Rather than develop our personal identity, we sacrifice it to fit in and be accepted by others. While being a part of the human race is imperative, there comes a point in time when we focus on our own identity. It may be the next moment, the next decade, the next lifetime.

Eventually, we realize that we can give ourselves permission to be and do what our heart urges. We listen to and trust our heart. We begin to follow our dreams. Our heart shows us the way to happiness. The path with a heart. From the heart, our e-motions give us the energy. They to put in motion our dreams. Dreams propel us through sadness into happiness. We find ourselves. We are on our journey once again!

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The Awakening Soul Meets Everything

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This article was published on 2010/03/31