The Best Gift to Mother

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On Mother's Day, I often ask my mother: what gift do you want?How you like do to celebrate mother's Day? The reply is always: I don't want anything. I only hope you are having a happy life and call me when you are free. I think this is the wish for all the mothers in the world. Yes. The best gift for a mother is her children are living a happy life.

As a matter of fact, whether a human will be happy and healthy are mainly depend on he/her's mother's teaching method. As a research reported, a human's education comes from family to a large extent. But family education is mainly from mother. Therefore, if you have a good mother, it means you have more chances to success in your life.

To express our appreciation to mother, we may send some gifts or flower to her. But to my opinion, we can do more than that. As we all know, all the mothers love their children selflessly with no beginning and ending. It is said mother's love is born. Generally speaking, it is correct. But mother's love is not just a kind of instinct or feeling. It is a tough task with much challenge. And it is an kind of ability need our mother to study. The best a mother give to her children is not only love, more importantly is the care, education and respect.

When we see the word "mother", the kind image of an old woman will appear in our mind. In fact, besides the old mother, it also have middle-aged mother who is busy on how to provide good education to their children, and also have the young mothers who are still children themselves. All of them love their children so much but they are worried or puzzled on how to educate them.

So I think the best gift we can give to our beloved mothers is to help them to be a good mother.

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The Best Gift to Mother

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This article was published on 2010/11/11